Smash Hit Mod Apk (Unlimited balls) Download Latest 2023

¬†Smash hit mod apk 2023 is an endless first-person perspective platformer game developed by Swedish developer brand Mediocre AB. Today this will be our topic of discussion. Don’t worry, I know you came here to download the moded hack apk, You will be provided a download link of that cracked apk. So, we are cloneapk, we deliver the best-modded apps available online to fulfil your desire. You will always get value in our blog posts. You will get what you want for sure. That’s all we care about. So, let’s start.

NameSmash hit cracked app
Size77 Mb
Current versionlatest
Requires android2.3 +
Offered byMediocre AB
Installs100 million +

Smash hit mod apk 2023 premium and unlimited balls/apk unblocked

smash hit mod apk

What is smash hit mod apk 2023?

Smash hit contains a continuously moving screen at a certain pace. Screen decoration keeps changing on each new level. Obstacles keep running into you and you have to dodge them. You get only 25 balls and you have to shoot those to break obstacles and keep moving safely in this hacked apk. These types of games have a name i.e. ‘mindless game’. Because they need no strategy to keep progressing throughout the game. Balls’ texture is steel or at least they look that way. Remember you get no control over the way and pace you are moving. You get no business to change that. Hence, you get in this endless platform just to survive as long as you can in this smash hit mod apk. Therefore, as long as you don’t run out of balls you are in the game.

smash hit mod apk

Gameplay guide of smash hit mod apk cracked fully unlimited balls hack

smash hit hack gets you on the endless platform where you have to survive as long as you can. Surviving means you should not run out of balls. So, your business is just to use your resources i.e. balls in a convenient and economical way. Obstacles will keep running towards you and you have to shoot steel balls to break those obstacles. Most of these obstacles are glass. Hence, are brittle.

Remember some obstacles like glass triangles, glass bars, etc. will break by shooting balls at them. Whereas some obstacles need pushing of buttons to get them out of way. Some of these are doors. These buttons, assets of the smash hit, mod apk which means you have to buy from in-app purchase. However, you will receive all these purchases for free in this hack apk unblocked revdl rexdl. Also, if you hit obstacles then you lose 10 balls. However, if you break a square pyramid you get 3 balls, octahedron you get 5 balls, and 3d star you get 10 balls.

smash hit mod apk


  • Smash the obstacles which come in your way with steel balls you got.
  • Shoot steel balls at the obstacles in the smash hit mod apk.
  • Unlimited balls hack apk unblocked.
  • Music is fantastic in smash hit mod apk.
  • Over 50 rooms unlocked with 11 graphic styles.
initial screen

How to download smash hit mod apk and get unlimited balls and premium hack

Now the question of how to download. Don’t freak out, we are here to help you. Cloneapk is the best in its niche. Please consider subscribing to our blog. Let me tell you how to download it. First of all, click on the download button below. It will take you to the download page and then click download to start downloading.
Let’s discuss how to enable hack. Find the apk in your local storage and click on it and install it on your phone. Thereafter, open the smash-hit mod app and on the landing screen click on the top right corner ( get premium) and then you will see the restore purchase option. Click on it and allow it to restore purchase. That’s all then keep enjoying the apk.

Download smash hit mod hack app:


Ratings and reviews:

This smash-hit mod app hacks unlimited balls 2023 has received more than a hundred million downloads and more than 4.5 million reviews and 4.6 ratings. Visit playstore to know more.


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