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To make shopping easy and a comparison service for customers, we created the Bankrate Score of 5.0 for all points. The more a company's Bankrate Score is higher, the more competitively rated the company in each area. Our selections highlight the top auto insurance companies which:

  • Create a 4.0 or greater Score for the Bankrate
  • Earn a J.D. Power Claims Study customer satisfaction score of 20 points or less than the industry average or greater
  • You can carry an "Excellent" or "Superior" financial strength score via AM Best
  • You can have a solid digital presence by using a mobile application or features for managing digital policies
  • Are considered "best" by Bankrate in the particular market category

USAA: The top car insurance company in the world overall

The reason this company was on it onto our top list is that they have the total Bankrate Score of all the auto insurance companies Bankrate has analyzed, nationwide accessibility for active-duty veterans, active-duty military as well as their family members, as well as the best customer service available, USAA quickly makes our list of top auto insurance providers in November of 2021. Only available to current or ex-military members and their families. USAA is a top performer in J.D. Power's customer satisfaction surveys. And has a solid financial standing as assessed by AM Best, S&P, and Moody's and continues to offer some of the lowest cost auto insurance quotes in the business.

USAA is the best overall choice in automobile insurance USAA receives high marks from significant third-party agencies for its customer service and financial capacity. In addition, it has the lowest total cost of coverage in our ranking veterans, and military families have access to a variety of insurance options, benefits, and discounts, as well as specific circumstances like deployment for active-duty military personnel. While not USAA will cover every driver, the company stands out for the thousands of families from across the nation.

Who is this ideal in the following cases: policyholders seeking military-related insurance Full coverage car insurance costs

State Farm the best auto insurance company overall

We chose State Farm because of its list: As the biggest auto insurer in the country by market share, State Farm's size and reputation is a testament to being among the top car insurance companies for drivers across all states. The extensive network of local agents is a testament to its commitment to offering a range of commercial and personal insurance products for consumers.

The reason State Farm is best overall for insurance for cars: State Farm receives the best Bankrate Score among the insurers that are available nationwide for all drivers. State Farm has more than 19,000 insured insurance professionals who are available across all across the U.S., who can give advice to customers who seek expert advice when discussing their policies. Digital management tools allow for the ability to work from anywhere, with the highly-rated mobile application which allows you to make auto claims and get in touch with your agent.

Who might this be ideal for: Policyholders looking for best-rated insurance coverage from local agents. Average annual full coverage auto insurance rates

Clearcover: The best car insurance provider for digital presence

The reason this company was on the list? Clearcover's technologically-driven car insurance is revolutionizing the landscape of insurance which makes it a top choice for anyone looking for the most modern car insurance experience. Clearcover's approach to digital insurance lets it sell extremely affordable insurance policies.

What makes Clearcover is the best option for digital marketing: While it is only available to drivers within 16 states Clearcover can disrupt insurance market for autos by putting technology into the spotlight. Clearcover uses artificial intelligence-powered technological tools for its benefit, and is rethinking how insurance for cars is quoted and purchased, as well as how it is serviced. The highly-rated mobile application of Clearcover gives control over the management of policies in the users in their hands. The simplified approach allows Clearcover to settle most auto claims within less than a week while some claims are capable of processing same day.

Geico The best car insurance company for drivers with high risk

The reason this company was on our list: Geico's lengthy time as a household-name auto insurance company is evident in its impressive score on the Bankrate, which is one of the main reasons we included it on our list as one of the best companies for reliable car insurance. The coverage is available to virtually all types of drivers which makes their insurance coverage available to consumers with poor driving records.

The reason Geico is the best option for drivers with high risk: Geico is one of the top insurance providers that can write policies for drivers after high-risk events including DUI convictions. Even though high-risk policies can cost more than standard insurance for high-risk drivers, they will typically be unable to find options available in terms of coverage, particularly from the major insurers. Geico is a readily accessible option for the majority of people. People with a low credit insurance score are also more likely to get better rates from the company because full coverage within the credit tiers averages $1,978 per year, which is lower than the average for the nation of $3,873 for those who have bad credit.

Travelers: The best car insurance provider for drivers with a budget.

What made Travelers make our list The Travelers brand is a reputable insurer that has more than 150 years of experience in the field of auto insurance. Its extensive network of independent agents as well as its savings options and the track record of its financial performance makes it an attractive choice for all drivers across the nation.

The reason why Travelers is the best choice for those who are on a tight budget The average full coverage insurance costs are less than the average national rate. Its many car insurance discounts include discounts that are available to members of affinity group, a consistent payment , and its unique use-based insurance program, IntelliDrive which monitors your driving habits in real-time and offers discounts for secure driving. The satisfaction of travelers with their claims is not as highly rated by its customers as other organizations Bankrate has studied, and this could be an important factor to take into consideration in comparing low-cost coverage with the likelihood of you submitting claims.

Who might this be ideal for: customers who are looking for low-cost full coverage. Average annual full coverage rates for car insurance

Erie The best insurance provider for car insurance with strong coverage

This company is on the list? We put Erie in our list since the super-regional insurer offers generous coverage with optional coverages included in its policies. It also scores highly among all third-party agencies we reviewed during our study. Erie also provides discount benefits and offers attractive rates for drivers in their teens who generally have the highest premiums of all age groups. Drivers aged between 16-18 have average rates of more than 43% lower than the average for all drivers, from our study of the annual cost of premiums quoted by Quadrant Information Services. Erie's impressive Bankrate Score contributes to its place in our top list of auto insurance companies in 2021, even though coverage isn't available nationwide.

The reason Erie is the best choice for comprehensive insurance coverage Erie offers a variety of kinds of coverage and features within its comprehensive coverage policies, which other insurers only offer as additional features. Drivers are able to benefit from rideshare insurance as well as accident forgiveness, and Erie's rate Lock feature, which can aid in keeping your rates steady in the long run. Although it is it is only offered in 12 states Erie offers a broad coverage and an excellent claim experience for drivers who are in the areas of service.

Who is this ideal for: customers who want comprehensive coverage. Average year-long full coverage auto insurance premiums

Auto-Owners: The best car insurance company that gives discounts

The reason this company was included on this list? The Auto Owners is a super-regional insurance provider with a solid reputation for offering excellent auto coverage . It also was awarded the second highest J.D. Power reports satisfaction ratings of any firm on our list of the top auto insurance companies. Its broad range of discount and coverage options is available to drivers from 26 states.

The reason Auto-Owners is the most suitable choice to save money: Auto-Owners provides an impressive array of discounts that numerous drivers are likely to benefit from. Drivers can save money by obtaining quotes prior to the time of their current policy's expirationdate, or opting to go paperless for payment and billing options. The company offers three kinds of student discounts, which makes it a good choice for parents of teenagers or young drivers with their own insurance policy to take into consideration.

Who might this be ideal for: Policyholders looking for discounts, or discount options. Average annual full coverage rates for car insurance

Amica: Top car insurance company to ensure claims satisfaction

The reason why this company made the list? Amica's outstanding claims service and its customer-centric business model makes it an exceptional choice according to Bankrate's research, to those who are looking for the most reliable insurance company for their car.

Why Amica is the best choice for claim satisfaction Amica is ranked as the second-highest-scoring carrier in terms of satisfaction with claims out of the top auto insurers studied by J.D. Power with a score of 32 points higher than the industry-wide average. The online claim centre allows customers to quickly report claims, upload documents, and monitor the claim's progress with only a couple of clicks. The company's customer service representatives are available to help policyholders at all times.

Who might this be most beneficial for: policyholders that value customer service. Average annual full coverage rates for car insurance

This company is on this list? The Nationwide's ability for tailoring coverage to your individual requirements make it the top auto insurance provider in 2021, according to Bankrate's study. With its national coverage and website that is full of helpful information about insurance Customers are bound to get the information they'll need to tailor the Nationwide policy to meet their specific requirements.

Why Nationwide is the best choice for personalized coverage: Customers can select the way their policy will work through Nationwide and can choose from the standard coverage, use-based insurance, or pay-per mile. Nationwide's SmartRide and SmartMiles program for telematics can aid you in earning discounts based on safety driving habits or offer the option of a flexible price that is based on your usage of the vehicle and the type of vehicle you use. Coverage options for optional coverage aren't as extensive as other insurers for autos that we have reviewed, however the options that are customized give you security and control of your money security.

Who is this ideal for: Policyholders looking for individualized coverage options coverage rates for car insurance

The reason this company was on this list is that Progressive's easy to rate tools and high ratings from customers help it stand out as one of the top auto insurance options. Consumers have options to save money based on their personal spending and driving habits by purchasing an Progressive policy in any part of the U.S. and is backed by a financially stable firm that is rated highly from third-party insurance agencies.

The reason Progressive is the best choice in terms of digital policy management: Progressive provides several ways for motorists to save time and money by regulating their policies online, including its Snapshot application that is a telematics application that tracks driving habits and provides discounts to ensure safe driving. If you're still unsure of what policy is right to suit your needs, you could make use of the Online Name Your Price tool to personalize your purchasing experience and look over policies in relation to your budget. The Progressive mobile application gives you instant access to look over insurance coverage, ID cards bills and claims submissions.

Allstate: The top car insurance company for expensive automobiles

What made Allstate make our list: Being the fourth-largest insurance provider based on percentage of market shares, Allstate has a long list of excellent insurance options that make it an outstanding choice for many motorists, particularly for those who have unique cars. The rewards program offered by Allstate offers extra benefits, allowing customers to earn points towards gifts, hotels, and other perks.

The reason Allstate is the best option for expensive automobiles: Allstate is one of the few insurance providers that provide protection for equipment that is custom-built. Allstate's policies that cover full coverage cost more when compared with other insurance providers that are on the list of Bankrate, however people who have put their in modifying their cars equipped with top-quality audio equipment will likely require more comprehensive coverage and that's what Allstate offers. Antique and classic car enthusiasts are able to choose the classic car insurance offered by Allstate to ensure that the car's greater intrinsic value is covered in the event of a costly loss.

Who might this be most suitable for: people who want insurance for a classic or custom vehicles. annual full coverage insurance for cars

How do you compare the top auto insurance firms

It's useful to make an apples-to apples comparison when comparing different auto insurance firms. Although an average annual premium estimate could be a useful starting point to determine how a particular company stacks against its peers but it's not the whole picture. The quotes should contain the same levels of coverage and types, as well as the same personal and information about the vehicle provided to each business. Based on your experience with insurance preferences, it can assist to look over the credibility of third-party reviews for an additional evaluation of the company's performance for instance, J.D. Power's customer satisfaction ratings as well as The NAIC consumer complaints index, and the financial strength ratings from various ratings agencies for credit. Insurance agents can help to obtain this kind of information on the auto insurers that you are looking at.

What do you need be aware of concerning car insurance

How do I get car insurance? How do you use it?

Auto insurance is a kind of financial protection that can cover various vehicle accidents that may affect you, your car, or anyone else's vehicle. The term of insurance is a period which you and your insurance provider decide when you purchase the policyusually one year or six months. While many states have a minimum amount or kind of insurance required to purchase, insurance experts generally recommend an insurance policy that is more robust and is within your budget to safeguard your financial assets during the case of major loss.

Auto insurance policies cover events of damage, injury or the possibility of liability. Limits for coverage can be set to meet the level you prefer for financial security. Certain types of coverage may not be available in all states as well, therefore it's crucial to understand what options you have to protect yourself financially. Additionally, deductibles typically are specific to specific insurance types, and taking on more financial responsibility for yourself by choosing an higher deductible could lower the cost of your insurance.

As per the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) more than a dozen rating factors that are unique to each driver is the determinant of how much you pay for auto insurance. Because each insurance company uses different ratings and weights for applying policies for underwriting and quotes from various insurance companies is usually crucial to finding the most affordable price.

Accidents involving motor vehicles and other instances of damage or loss, like hail storms, vandalism and floods are costly to pay for out of your own pocket. When you buy car insurance you also get an insurance policy that protects your financial assets so that any damage you're accountable for after an incident that is covered is shared between you and your insurance provider.

The exact level of protection will be determined by the type of insurance you select making a claim can provide you with a cash payout for losses caused by an uninsured driver an event in the weather, an incidents of vandalism or theft or other events that cause damage. In the same way, if you're victimized in an auto accident a driver and they're at fault then their insurance policy could aid in the payment of medical bills as well as property damage (depending on your state's ).

What's the various kinds of insurance coverage for cars?

Auto insurance firms like those Bankrate profiles provide the following kinds of coverage, including:

  • Bodily injury liability insurance covers the harm that you cause to others during an accident at fault.
  • Property damage liability insurance will cover the damage caused to another's vehicle or property (like fences, poles or building) in an accident that is at fault.
  • Collision insurance is part of "full coverage" and pays for the damages to your vehicle due to collision. If you are involved in a collision with another vehicle or a tree, pole, a structure or pedestrian and you are covered for collision, it is the component of the policy that pays for the damages that your car sustains. According to Triple-I around 75% of drivers have this coverage on their own.
  • Comprehensive coverage is also a component of the full coverage. It pays for car damage that is caused by non-collision-related losses such as vandalism, theft, as well as storm damages. Comprehensive also covers damage caused by hitting animals or cracked windshields. According to Triple-I about 80 percent of motorists have this coverage.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage pays for injury and damage caused by a driver who either lacks sufficient coverage or lacks any coverage at all. According to the Insurance Research Council's recent study found that one-in-eight U.S. drivers was uninsured in the year 2019.
  • The Personal Injury Protection, commonly referred to as no-fault insurance and accessible for certain states only will cover medical expenses you as well as your passengers incur after the incident, regardless of the cause. It also covers other medical expenses that arise as the result from an incident, like the loss of earnings or childcare.
  • MedPay is like PIP insurance, but provides only medical expense reimbursements. It is mandatory in certain states, usually ones which do not provide PIP.

The importance of location when deciding on car insurance

The cost of insurance for your car is determined by a variety of factors and your state, city and zip code is among them. important. If you've recently moved to another state, it's an excellent idea to look at different firms to make sure that the car insurance company you choose is still the right one to your requirements. This is especially important in the event that you've relocated across state lines as car insurance isn't standard across the nation.

A thorough review of the coverage of your auto insurance in your checklist for moving is a great way to be aware of this vital step. For a look at Bankrate's top picks for the most reliable auto insurance coverage within your area, choose this option from our table.

How much will the cost of car insurance typically be?

In answering the inquiry "how much is car insurance," it is important to be aware that rates depend heavily on personal elements and the information about their vehicle that they submit when they request an estimate. But, you are able to take an average of the nation as a useful basis for considering the price you're quoted. The national average for full coverage policies cost $1,674 annually. "Full coverage" refers to an insurance policy that covers collision, liability as well as comprehensive insurance.

Beyond the chosen policy type -- such as minimum or full coverage other elements will greatly impact the final price. It's crucial to realize that insurance companies base their the cost of car insurance on the perceived amount of risk. This may include a review of your driving history and age, gender or marital status, credit-based insurance score, claims experience and the probability of claims in your region (not all states allow the use of gender, age or marital status as well as ZIP code). In addition, insurance companies will take into consideration your vehicle's model and make as well as the age of the vehicle and security features. The lower the risk that these elements pose for your insurance as a driver the lower your cost will be. Because every insurer weighs the various factors differently When you get multiple quotes, it helps make sure you pick the best choice for coverage and cost.

How do you locate the top insurance companies for your car

Each insurer has different advantages. Be aware of the requirements for insurance prior to your research can allow you to quickly identify the top auto insurance provider. You should ask yourself what aspects of an insurance provider are important to you.

Do you prefer to be guided by a local representative in deciding on the coverage you want or is a more modern and self-driven experience more your thing? If you're planning on adding an aspiring driver to your insurance plan then you should consider companies with affordable coverage, as well as a variety of student discounts. Drivers who drive frequently may benefit from an insurance company that provides use-based telematics plans. Whatever your requirements you'll likely find at the very least a handful of insurers which stand out from the others, based on the needs you have.


Bankrate uses Quadrant Information Services in order to evaluate prices for 2021 for each of the zip codes and carriers across all 50 states as well as Washington, D.C. The rates quoted are based on the 40-year old male and female with clean driving history and good credit. The maximum coverage limit of the following:

  • $ 100,000 bodily injuries liability, per individual
  • $300,000 bodily liability for injury per accident
  • $50,000 liability for property damage per accident
  • $100,000 personal injury for bodily harm
  • $300,000 of uninsured motorist personal injury for each accident
  • $500 collision deductible
  • $500 comprehensive deductible

In order to establish the minimum limits for coverage, Bankrate used minimum coverage that meets the state's standards. The base profile driver has an Toyota Camry in 2019. Toyota Camry, commute five days per week, and travel approximately 12,000 miles each year.

These are samples of rates that should only be used for comparison purposes.

Credit-based Insurance Scores The rates were determined based on the following credit tiers for insurance given the drivers of our company: "poor, average, good (base) and excellent." Credit tiers for insurance are a part of your credit scores , but they are not dependent on this variable by itself. Five states ban the use of credit-based scores as a rating element for determining rates for auto insurance: California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan and Washington.

Incident The rates were calculated by analyzing our base profile using the following types of incidents with a Clean file (base) and at-fault accidents one speeding ticket, single DUI conviction, and insufficient coverage.

Bankrate Scores

Bankrate Scores are primarily an industry-standard weighted ratings for the strength of their financials and customer service as well as an analysis of the quoted annual premiums by Quadrant Information Services. They cover the 50 states of America and Washington, D.C. We are aware that it is essential for motorists to feel confident that their insurance will cover the highest risk and is priced reasonably. It is offered by a financially stable firm with a track record of a positive customer service and claims-paying capability. In our analysis, external ratings of J.D. Power, AM Best, Standard & Poor's, National Association of Insurance Commissioners and Moodys were a major influence on the firms' Bankrate Scores.

Our top choices to be "best for" reflect a combination of Bankrate Scores as well as accessibility to drivers across the nation, as well as the unique qualities of the particular company.

*Scores represent the performance of the company in all states that are available.

J.D. Power scores

J.D. Power is a world-wide market research firm with years of experience in the financial, automotive, and health sectors, among other areas. It conducts annual surveys of customer satisfaction in these industries to provide insights into the characteristics that are most important to business and consumers. The auto insurance research studies include the level of satisfaction among various areas that affect the consumer, such as customer service and claims processing, as well as premiums and policy offerings and make its scores an effective tool for qualitatively the evaluation of auto insurance companies.

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